A New Jig

A few weeks ago, I was asked to look into making Soroban for Ishidaki.  This is a series of triangular pieces of wood that are placed on a suitable surface for someone to kneel on.  Yes, you kneel on the pointy parts.  I don’t plan to have the upper apex of each piece to be a sharp angle, but rather round them off with a router.  However doing this with a triangular piece of wood is not easy.

After some thought, I decided to do all my finishing of the wood while it is a square piece, then cut it on a diagonal, from corner to corner.  After more thinking, it seemed safer to do this with a sled for my table saw.  My first try showed me that it was much easier to feed the wood into the saw than it was to move the whole sled.  My sled quickly began to morph into a jig.  Today, I added a piece of wood to act as a riving knife, preventing the two pieces of wood from bending back towards each other as the piece is cut.  Hopefully everything will work out properly, and my eyeball measurements are accurate.

About Mister Malaprop Design

I am a woodworker who creates paddles and other impact toys from select domestic and exotic hardwoods.
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