Back to work

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I last posted here.  Unfortunately, cancer can steal bags of time from you.  At the moment I’m doing fairly well, and planning some events for late Summer and Fall.  Hopefully by Winter, I’ll be back to something like my normal schedule.  In the meantime, I have worked up a new product, called a soroban, used for kneeling.  This is a variation on a 17th century Japanese device for torturing confessions out of prisoners.  It can be rolled up and easily put in a rope bag.

About Mister Malaprop Design

I am a woodworker who creates paddles and other impact toys from select domestic and exotic hardwoods.
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1 Response to Back to work

  1. Kate says:

    Please take my money! How much? I neeeeeeeeed this.

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