Lamination Time

With The Flea only 3 weeks away, I’m starting to work on building up some new inventory.  This always begins with long-lead-time items such as laminated paddles and wee bats.  This evening I was able to get a pretty good read on how long it takes me to laminate enough paddles to fill my fixture.  It turns out that 15 minutes per paddle or stack of wood for laminated wee bats is a pretty good average.  That does not count the time spent cutting veneers and choosing what I will use for the exterior of the paddle.

For the next two weeks I’ll mostly be trimming and sanding, then start to put finish on the wood late next week, and early the week after.  After I cycle all the things that need finish through, I’ll start work on the things I do not finish.

On another note, I am going to make a small run of paddles made from 1/16 veneer.  They will have 7 layers, alternating figured bubinga and maple with maple and padauk handles.  The one I made for myself is rather light, and very easy to swing.  I anticipate making a run of 6 of them.  They will be signed and numbered.  The first one is already sold.

About Mister Malaprop Design

I am a woodworker who creates paddles and other impact toys from select domestic and exotic hardwoods.
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2 Responses to Lamination Time

  1. Sherri says:

    I was wondering if you can make a firehose paddle. I bought one 3 years ago at the flea and can’t find another.
    It is a piece of firehose that is folded in half so it would measure about 12 inches then a wooden handle with a few screws like a clamp handle.
    It was not expensive and I would buy a few if you can do this.
    I have my old one, it had blood spots all over it. Classic.
    I will be at the a Flea all weekend and would love to get them Friday.
    Please let me know,

    • Mister Malaprop Design says:


      Thank you for your note. I’m afraid that I’ve never made a firehose paddle, and don’t have time to investigate/develop one before The Flea. I have seen them, but am pretty tied down to making those things I usually have at events. The first three events this winter have depleted my stock somewhat.

      Please do stop by and say hi though.


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